Inspired Mondays - The Gentle Revolution

Unless someone like you

cares a whole lot

nothing is gonna get better

It’s not.

- Dr Seuss

Wise words - decades old even. Yet it still resonates even louder today. I’m hearing a lot of once silenced voices speaking up - louder. I’m seeing resistance and questions asked. I’m hearing passionate protests and a focused rebellion. And it’s all necessary and understood.

Recently my daughter introduced me to The Lorax - a movie on Netflix based on the adaption of the infamous children’s book by Dr Seuss. It was eye opening and inspiring; with the added humor that kept me laughing and smiling. Most of all, it was an awakening.

A motivating piece to remind us that all it takes is one person who really cares, to make the first move, and create a lasting domino effect of goodness and positive change in the world.

The very next day, I was introduced to such a person who really cared to make that first move while watching The Long Way Up on my Appletv app. That person would be Jerry Thot, co-founder of the Third Millennium Alliance. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, she sure watches a lot of TV”! Yes and No.

No, I don’t watch a lot of television. But when I do, I tend to indulge in awe inspiring hidden gems...mostly by accident. A happy accident. One of those happy accidents was learning about Jerry Thot right after watching The Lorax.

Jerry co-founded the The Third Millennium Alliance to address the deforestation that he witnessed on a visit to Ecuador. Believe it or not the biggest reason for the deforestation was cattle ranching. In 2007 He put together a team of 10 to 12 people and planted every single day for about two weeks. Once a year. For three years.

The result today - amazing natural growth and reforestation. The even more amazing part of this story was he left a Wall Street job in New York City behind to help protect the forest and is still invested in that mission till today.

A real life "Ted” straight out of The Lorax movie. Fascinating.

I’m feeling inspired. My head is churning with ideas on how to live a life that not only respects my ideals but Mother Earth. I’m inspired to live slowly and mindfully. I feel compelled to inspire others to live slowly and mindfully as well. To ask more from ourselves and our community. To speak up for others that can’t speak for themselves. To advocate for humanity even if you’re the only one standing. To show up with rebellion against the old ways that no longer serve us.

I'm inspired to start a gentle revolution.

“Once we’ve started a revolution in our own consciousness

it will bring about radical change in our family and community. But first, we need to be determined to change our way of living. We need to reclaim our freedom; to enjoy the wonders of life”. - Thich Nhat Hanh

To create a life that you desire - for yourself, for your community, for the world - will require a dedication to learning and unlearning. It will take courage, it will take spontaneity, and it is worthy.

Start with self, end with others. Have an Inspired Monday!

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