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A Live Well Series -Episode 01: Time Blocking

Its good to be back. It's been a long while since I've shared a post on my Inspired Monday slot on this here blog of mine. To be honest, I've been writing and saving and brain storming and writing some more; constantly. I just never actually published the content here.

The inspiration for this post came to me yesterday while having a conversation with my daughter and the "Live Well" series idea came to me this morning while exercising.

I love when an idea hits me like a wave out of nowhere and throws me on course - because I usually land EXACTLY where I need to be.

I chose Time Blocking as my first post on the "Live Well" series because it hits very close to home. I noticed overtime that my daughter, a college student, has a habit of ruminating on tasks that she is yet to start. So much so that she can't seem to stay completely present in the moment - her mind keeps recalling the task; carrying it around like a sleeping baby she's afraid to awaken.

Ruminating on future tasks in my head can be stressful, oppressive,

and deprives me of being in the present moment

When I carry my tasks around in my head, it feels almost like I'm dissociating because I'm living in a place I can't yet touch (the future) while losing touch with where I should be - Here. So, instead of baby sitting my tasks, I choose to Time Block.

Time Blocking is the act of planning my day in advance

into small blocks of time

to address and focus on each single task

Time blocking allows me to get the "thing" out of my head where it's living rent free until the time is right. I could use a time blocking app, my smart device calendar, a planner, - whatever method I choose, the key is writing it down and assigning a focused time frame to address it.

Benefits of Time Blocking:

Time Management: Time blocking helps facilitate my workflow acting as a great time management feature. Knowing I have a time slot already set to address my various tasks for the day helps me make the most of my time and eases anxiety. There actually is enough time in the day! It also helps me prioritize - I know the items to assign more or less time to while also paying attention to what time of the day I do my best work on certain tasks.

Focus: Time blocking discourages multitasking thereby increasing my focus and bringing clarity to the task at hand. Yes, I can do all things, just not all at once. Focusing on one time blocked task at a time will not only increase the quality of my work but also enhances my attitude towards the task in a positive way.

Self Mastery: Taking control of my time is a big deal. I've found that making myself seem flexible when I'm really not has allowed others to dictate and even abuse my time. It is up to me to state my availability in real time and follow through. If I have already blocked a time frame in the day that someone is asking of my assist, I can say no with ease.

Enhanced Well Being: When it's time to eat, I eat. When it's time to take a walk, I walk. When it's time to sleep, I sleep. When it's time to work, I work. I cannot be on social media, reading a book, eating, and working at the same time. One or more of those tasks will suffer. Most importantly I will suffer - from splitting my attention into so many places that will eventually cause mental fatigue and limit my productivity and energy. A time for everything right? Right.

The beauty of Time Blocking is to get ALL the things out of my head and find a home for them. Assigning a date and time to the things that I need to address - even something as simple as eating my lunch - brings clarity and focus to my everyday and fairness to the way I treat myself.

Yes I can do all things, just not all at once. And sometimes not at all.

Live Well.

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Feb 07, 2023

I really love this post!! It Allowed me to understand to manage my time wisely especially use the two things you outline. Focus and Self-Mastery

Cheli Njoku
Cheli Njoku
Feb 07, 2023
Replying to

Thanks! I’m glad it inspired 😊

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