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Hi! I'm Cheli


​I'm an Internationally Certified Health and Life Coach, specializing in habit change and intentional goal setting.  I also enjoy solo traveling and writing blog posts on subjects involving self mastery, mindfulness, and intentional living.  My goal as your life coach is to guide you towards identifying and honoring your desired outcomes, with curiosity, support, systems, and steps.

I help you uncover and discover your innate wisdom while guiding you towards all the possible ways to fulfill your desired outcome.  Whether you're looking to improve your career, relationships, or personal growth, I can provide you with the guidance and support you need to create your personal success story. With a focus on self-discovery and empowerment, life coaching can help create the life you've always dreamed of.

Think of me as your curious guide!

When I said Yes! to the journey of becoming a certified health and life coach, I did not know I would be transforming into a new version of myself in the process.  I realized every step I took to meet my certification requirements, propelled me to show up more as my best self.  The self that was committed, confident, and determined to move in her purpose.

I used the wisdom, energy and inspiration from my transformation journey to create a 90 day program for my clients - Say Yes! To Self 90 Day Transformation


What an amazing journey it has been!

I enjoy the consultative and discovery process that comes with my role as a life coach and I'm constantly discovering innovative and creative ways to add value to the experience of my clients.  I feel my most successful when the path I am on has made a valuable impact in my life and the life of others.  I am thankful to my clients and The Health Coach Institute for teaching me transformation is in the journey - not the arrival.

I am honored to continue this journey with you.

Take The First Step:

Let's schedule a Say Yes! To Self Breakthrough session!


With this first action step, you will be able to:

 - Identify your desired outcome

 - What's getting in the way/stopping you/holding you back

 - Create a vision for your transformation journey

Fill out your intake form and schedule your breakthrough session here.

Use code BLOOM to schedule a free breakthrough session; good until the end of Summer (Sept 22, 2024).

Cheers to taking your first step to say yes to self!

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