Hi! I'm Cheli

​I'm the author and creator of live well explore often.  Thanks for visiting my website. So what can i tell you about myself? I'm Nigerian-American, a single parent to two young adults, and an Executive in the Construction Data industry.  Interesting fact: I graduated college at 19.  Not because I was a prodigy per say, but because I excelled at moving fast through life.  Always trying to get to the next stage.  The new stage. Why? It was my impulsive reaction to overcoming trauma.  But I didn't know that at the time.


I do now.

And with that awareness came the realization that being present and mindful was the real antidote - not fast forward.

The Cheli Experience:



Passionate about Wisdom, Peculiar People, Aesthetics, and Wanderlust!  (and not necessarily in that order)

I started blogging in the spring of 2017 on livewellexploreoften.com. I found myself writing and sharing more on topics that inspired my preferred way of living- mindfulness, surrender, manifesting, gratitude, creating routines, embracing change, and respecting my voice. 


I created this blog and my mantra to share my wisdom, experience, mistakes, triumphs, and my passions as I navigate life with a little more intention, self-mastery, and a whole lot of grace. 

The feedback I kept receiving was “you should be a motivational speaker” or “are you a life coach?” The “impostor syndrome” hindered me from moving forward with my intention as a life coach and motivational speaker for quite some time.


Eventually, I had to overcome self-doubt and just do it! That’s how my Vision Workshop Brunch was born. I hope you'll join me.

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