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Inspired Mondays - Know Your Worth And Embrace It

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

It starts with not doubting your deservingness.

“Deservingness is not to be confused with entitlement.

Entitlement is about believing you have a right to something.

Deservingness is about how much you believe you’re worth.”

- Kimberly Fulcher

The key to unlocking a healthy response when it comes to your worthiness is Self Mastery. YOU get to CREATE the results you deserve. YOU get to say I DESERVE good things and allow yourself to receive them.

Here are some action steps to enhance and embrace self worthiness -

Self Care

Connect with the needs of your physical, spiritual, and emotional being and prioritize them. You cannot show up for others without first showing up for yourself. Neglecting your needs could lead to resentment, self doubt, and a repressive attitude that you will end up projecting unto others. You do not need permission to nourish yourself with goodness. That is your right.

These are some of my basic needs that I address to care for and nourish myself.

  • Quiet time. I find the occasional practice of solace very refreshing. It helps me reset and enhances my creative thought process. Quiet the noise of the world around you and tap into your inner essence to understand your needs and desires.

  • Meditation. I’ve found my niche in Deepak Chopra’s “21 Days of Abundance” Meditation. The practice is a consistent reminder of who I am and my worth. “Today I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream”.

  • Nutrition and Movement. I have become more engaged and responsible for what I choose to nourish myself with as well as the amount of movement I put in each day to encourage good health and appearance. I am aware that what I choose to put in my body and how I choose to use my body impacts my energy levels, my emotional well being, and my physical well being. So I consciously strive to choose only the good things.

Advocate for yourself

I’ve noticed that I do a good job at advocating for others - like my children or a cause for instance. However, I sometimes shy away from using my own voice to speak up for myself. Every moment you are given an opportunity to advocate for yourself and you choose not to, you are making a statement that your needs don’t matter. Even worse, you are teaching others that you don’t matter and they will respond accordingly.

Teach others to respect your choices and needs by first respecting them yourself.

Prioritize yourself

Respect your schedule

Respect your set boundaries

Say No to “people pleasing” and Yes to a healthy response.

As much as you may want to do for others, make sure to put yourself at the top of your

"To Do” list.

“If you do no like the results of a previous choice, you can always choose again”

Maintain Healthy Relationships

This includes professional relationships, family relationships, and friends. You do not have to feel stuck in a relationship that deprives you of peace and makes you question your self worth.

As humans we have the amazing ability to change past conditioning and create a new narrative.

It is a fact that you are more likely to maintain unhealthy relationships when you don’t believe in your own deservingness. You become what is called an earner.

An earner is someone who invests time and energy in earning love at their own detriment.

“When you live as an earner, you attract users. (That’s just as bad as it sounds.) There are unfortunately people in the world that will live at your expense without giving it a second thought. If you’re willing to give it, they’ll take it. (They’ll even talk themselves into believing they deserve what they’re taking.) These kind of people like to keep you small, scared, and doubting your deservingness. You must stand up for yourself”.

- Kimberly Fulcher

Your self worth is your responsibility to protect, nourish, and embrace. Do not hand that responsibility over to someone else to dictate or even worse, abuse. Make conscious choices to achieve your needs and wants. You were created with everything you need to be happy and successful.

Embrace your self worth and have an Inspired Monday!

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