Inspired Mondays - Routines, Rituals, and Resets

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

A Feeder sets the tone for their day

they do not acquiesce to the environment

to determine or control the

tone of their day

I believe it's necessary to adopt a feeder mentality when it comes to how I approach the day. I don't let the day determine my mindset or how I approach it.

Let's take Mondays for example - It's the start of a new week following the weekend. So what's my approach? Should I rebel against it and step into it with a grumpy attitude simply because the weekend is over? Or should I see it exactly for what it is - a new day. Another day to continue the plan of not just living, but living well. That is a feeder mentality. Knowing you have the power to choose how you would like your day to go regardless of what it may hold for you in the end.

An established routine sets the tone for that sense of ownership to my day.

My routine should work for me not against me. So, I have to approach the way I create it with full honesty. I know how my energy starts and shifts throughout the day so I am mindful to create a routine that supports and encourages it. One of the great benefits that creating a routine gives me is overcoming procrastination. If there was a poster child for procrastination my face will be on every ad and billboard. I'm a beautiful work in progress thanks to a set routine. My routine supports my vision goals - both long term and short term.

It showcases my intent that this is who I choose to be, and what I choose to do, to get to all the places I choose to go.

It showcases my intentional lifestyle.

My approach on creating a routine is based on simple guidelines that I follow and I'll share them with you.

The secret of your future

is hidden

in your daily routine

- Mike Murdock

Morning Rituals:

A very important part of my routine is how I start my day first thing in the morning. A calm beginning to my day inspires and sets the tone for the rest of my day. I set my alarm to wake me up in time to begin my morning ritual without rush - morning meditation, say my prayers, and groom myself. All before starting the workday. I usually have the free YouTube "Mood Music" playing in the background adding once again to the calm.

My fave - "Cozy Fall Coffee Shop Ambience: Relaxing Jazz Music & Rain Sounds for Studying, Relaxation, & Sleep".

If you can't tell by now I'm all about calm and serenity. My nickname growing up in Chi Town was "cool breeze". True story.

Closing Rituals:

The way I choose to end my day is equally as important as how I started it. I honor it by acknowledging the events that happened through out the day. It's a common habit to focus more on what’s left on the “to do list” that we haven’t accomplished yet than taking the time to recall and congratulate ourselves on our daily accomplishments. Try Intentionally adding “Closing Rituals” to end each day on a mindful note.

  • I celebrate my wins

  • I recall how I felt throughout the day, (what thoughts were ruminating in my head? did I address them?)

  • What where the takeaways from the day, what new things did I learn?

I learned a new word yesterday that my daughter shared with me while reading Greek mythology - loquacious (a person that talks a lot, often about stuff that only they think is interesting). She also used the word to define me, so, there's that.

Planning Day:

This is the day I set aside to plan my work and personal routine for the upcoming day, week, or month. The magic to this is writing it down. The writing is a spell. There is intention in the act of writing down my set routine and visions. I love journals so I definitely utilize that for some of my personal planning. On a larger scale, I use my calendar on my iPhone and my outlook calendar as well to assign tasks in a timely manner. One thing I've learned overtime is to never pencil myself in. Giving the tasks others expect of me precedence over my schedule is a disrespect to myself and my intentions.

Don't. Pencil. Yourself. In!

Write that intent in permanent marker.

Those who matter don't mind.

Reset Button:

This has been my saving grace - knowing I have the power to make changes to my routine and not giving myself grief about the things that did not work.

Simply reset.

Journaling helps me acknowledge where and when I need to reset/make changes if necessary. It's my behavior analytics if you will. When I read back on my journal I can identify where I may need to acknowledge wins, set backs, and cyclical behavior patterns that may or may not be working for me.

What should I keep doing and what should I change?

For example, my 5am wake up call. I disrespect that wake up call like it's my worst enemy. So why not change it? First I had to ask myself questions to get to the root of the disrespect and then determine what type of change was needed.

Is 5am too ambitious for me?

Should I change my bedtime so I can wake up at 5am as scheduled?

Do I truly need to wake up at 5am to start my morning ritual or will 6am work just as fine?

If you don't like the results

of a previous choice

You can always choose


I like to challenge myself to being steadfast in respecting my schedule and routines. Others may ask of my time and commitment that may directly interfere with my routine/schedule. In the past I have been known to disrespect my schedule and routine for the sake of flexibility and inclusivity. Now, I choose respect. I say No when Yes is not an option and I don't choose to negotiate a different response.

Respect your routine and you will teach others to do the same as well.

Have an Inspired Monday!

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