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Inspired Mondays - Take A Break

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Happy Monday everyone! With all the uncertainty we've been facing over the past few months most of us have experienced different levels of transition.

Some have been organic, some forced.

With each transition, there's a shift - to either show up even better than before or go into a self induced coma. I've been on the other end of the shift more times than I'd like to admit and sometimes stuck in the middle.

Do the words "I can't adult today" ring a bell?

Yes. Yes it does.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are levels to the transition. We're not all having the same experience. Some of us are being more productive, some of us are overwhelmed. Some of us are being cheated of our livelihood, and others are able to find the diamond in the rough.

So, for those of us feeling overwhelmed, cheated, and "uncentered" during these uncertain times, It has become even more important to re-establish our own sense of normal and generate positive energy around us. I say "re-establish" because change is the only constant. The old ways are not necessarily working to our advantage these days. So rather than happily fall into a pit of negative vibes and stay there, I say Take A Break.




“You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it.” - Paulo Coelho

Re-establish a new plan of action to stay grounded and centered. I'll share mine.

Take A Break and...WALK

I've added walking and the occasional hike to my daily routine for the love of sunlight, movement, nature, and a mindful escape. The added bonus is getting my 10K steps a day done. This is a necessary health goal for me to achieve daily especially as a pre-diabetic.

Adding an outdoor physical activity to your routine will help increase your Vitamin D levels, decrease your risk for depression and cognitive decline, as well as slow down the release of stress hormones. Some of my most creative ideas come to me during my mindful walks; more so than staring at my PC in “decision making coma” all day.

Walking is man's best medicine

- Hippocrates

Take A Break and...TREAT YO SELF!

Pick a day out of the week or month and treat your self to something exclusively yours. I was introduced to the “Treat Yo Self holiday” while watching an episode of Parks and Recreation thanks to the characters Donna and Tom. It's hilarious! On "Treat Yo Self" day, you are encouraged to go all out for yourself. The goal is to pamper yourself with no questions asked. "Treat Yo Self" day is officially Oct 13th but honestly, you can pick your own day and make it do what it do. Get creative with it.

Online shopping for luxurious self care items? Treat Yo Self!

A day off from work?

Treat Yo Self!

Ordering a delivery of your favorite meals?

Treat Yo Self!

A quite evening with a glass of wine under the stars?

Treat Yo Self!

Take A Break and...CHECK IN

....with yourself. Ask yourself what you need. Ask yourself what is it you don’t need right now. Ask yourself what is predominately lifting you up or putting you down and understand what is in your control to influence that response. You see, it’s not so easy to show up for others if you don’t start with yourself first.

Start with self. End with others.

Be honest with your emotional state of being. It’s ok to tell someone “I’m not ready to be what you need right now. Give me some moments”. I’m checking in with myself daily by using a meditation app and focusing on daily mantras to influence positive energy.

It's a process and a continuous journey. Don't give up on yourself.

To quote my favorite vulnerability champion Brene Brown - “Hitting the wall is real. Hard days suck. We’re going to be OK”.

Take a Break. Live Well.

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