Inspired Mondays - PAUSE

In every set-back, there lives an opportunity.

It’s been a bit overwhelming and uncertain lately hasn’t it?

Keeping up with all the news and updates surrounding COVID-19 and watching how it has impacted our lifestyle and our social behavior has given me pause.

"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad." - Proverbs 12:25

Use these moments of uncertainty as an opportunity to pause. Re-evaluate your goals, lifestyles, direction, and create contingency plans moving forward. Set-backs gives us the opportunity of needed awareness. Take advantage of it and let it add to your growth.

Find yourself unexpectedly working from home with the kids schooling online?


Not every family has a contingency plan for this. There may not be sufficient PC’s or even WiFi to pull this off. Thankfully Comcast was aware of this imbalance and is offering free WiFi for the next 60 days. Find opportunity in the challenge and discover how you may be a blessing to your family and your community.

Pause and re-evaluate parts of your home life and lifestyle that you have not been engaging. Enjoy this rare opportunity to have your children a little bit closer to you than usual on a school week. It may seem like an inconvenience to some at first, however, do try and find the blessing and opportunity within it.

That former hour commute to work may now be spent with mindful meditation and prayer/ exercise/ prepping for the day/ eating a mindful breakfast.


I’m finding the blessings in the set backs we’re facing each day. I’m also more mindful of my mortality so I treat myself and others with even more kindness.


Put fear and apprehension aside and find opportunities within the set-backs. Re-evaluate your expectations and create a new lifestyle.

Because the only constant in life is change.

Have an Inspired Monday!

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