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Inspired Mondays - Freedom Is A State Of Mind

Updated: May 2, 2023

Hope is the belief that our tomorrow’s

can be better than our today

Hope is not magic; hope is work

- DeRay Mckesson

I've come to observe and realize over time that there is no one way to show up in society as a parent, a woman, a man, a partner, a child, a human. I get to choose. I get to pay attention to my surroundings and make decisions based on spiritual intelligence. This realization has been freeing and has empowered me with the agency to make changes, create my own blueprint, and stand by my choices.

When it comes to taking action to enhance my freedom of self, I don’t ask for permission and I don’t make apologies.

I simply dive in and move forward with confidence.

By the way, freedom is not always found in a familiar place.

You cannot seek your peace from the same space as whence comes your suffering.

Read that again.

I am a spiritual being and my blueprint is unique. I've found that thanks to the vanity of camera phones and mirrors, we focus more on “physical appearance nurturing”- if I may call it that - than nurturing the spirit within.

The spirit embodies my humanity

The spirit embodies my character

The spirit embodies my authenticity

My spirit is free flowing and has unlimited potential. Once I tap into it I'm able to release miracles.

I believe we are all discovering our shadow self and doing the work to manifest freedom from within. I am questioning all the ways I've been thought to respond to myself and to humanity. I am questioning all that I've been taught and conditioned to accept. I am questioning my behaviors and stereotypical responses. I am seeking knowledge outside of my assigned text books. I am questioning history and so called “norms”. I am questioning the definition of "home".

Often I hear on social media that we are adapting to a “new normal” in 2020. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a “new normal” because normal never existed.

Change has and will always be the only constant.

It doesn’t matter how old you are when you realize that freedom is not only a state of mind but also your birthright; Claim it. I'm still doing the work and realization is just the beginning. What matters is that I continue to do the work and advocate for it. With all my might.

Have an Inspired Monday!

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