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Inspired Mondays - Ego Vs Creativity

Creativity and ego cannot go together

if you free yourself from the comparing and jealous mind, your creativity opens up endlessly.

You must not be your own obstacle.

You must not be owned by the environment you are in

You must own the environment; the phenomenal world around you.

You must be able to freely move in and out of your mind. This is being free.

Jeong Kwan - Buddhist Monk & Chef

It's been a couple of Mondays since I last posted here. I hope you all have been staying inspired and most importantly inspiring others as well by using your voice to advocate for others, showing up as a good human, and doing the work that’s necessary for growth and change; no matter how messy it gets.

Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds.

I was first introduced to Jeong Kwan a couple of years ago via Netflix Chef's Table. If you think you know what to expect from the Netflix Chef's Table series simply based on the title, trust me; you don’t.

I can’t recall one singular meal or plating from the series. OK, maybe one...barely.

What I can recall is the philosophy and authentic wisdom and life style choices each Chef shared.

Diverse, unique, honest, resilient and wise.

I was left so inspired by each episode that I started my first live vision workshop on manifestation months after I finished the series. I did it scared. But, I did it. The feedback I received was positive and my creativity has continued to flow from there.

My “Inspired Mondays” posts were actually inspired by “Chef’s Table”. First, sharing weekly posts with my colleagues, and then adding the catalog to my blog here on Live Well Explore Often.

The Chef’s Table series inspired my ongoing respect and quest for self mastery. When you choose to master yourself the ego becomes very transparent. You see, the Ego thrives on labels - how you are esteemed or not in the eyes of others. It is an external image of yourself you feel you have no control over and it is designed to keep you trapped.

The Ego ultimately "dumbs" down authentic self expression and creativity. When you want to attempt something you’re passionate about and a voice in your head says -

“No, you’ll look stupid. You have no real experience. Stick to what you’re known for. Who do you think you are”?

That’s your Ego talking.

Don’t be your own obstacle. Master yourself and respond to your environment as a feeder. A feeder is empowered to choose their authentic response in any given circumstance.

Not mask it. Not react. But choose.

There is freedom in self mastery and that is what I found so attractive about Jeong Kwan. She wasn’t mastered by labels. She was moving freely through life as the product of her choices as opposed to being reliant on labels. The choice to live a life as a monk, the choice to be creative with cooking and plating, the choice to teach her passion to others.

Free yourself from the ego and you make room for the abundant and endless creativity that is your birth right.

Have an inspired Monday!

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