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I Wrote This For You

Happy New Year! It's the first day of 2018 and I'm so glad you made it. I'm so glad you get another chance at this beautiful gift called life. I've found it to be pretty cliche as we approach the New Year to hear familiar statements like these - "Leaving 2017 like...", "New Year New Me", "No New Friends", "No Fake Friends" etc...

It almost sounds like the old year was a disappointment to you and you can't wait to turn to a bright, new, clean page. Now I get the excitement and anticipation of the New Year; everybody loves new things. But why throw so much shade on the old year? Instead of remembering all the things that brought you down or disappointed you in 2017, I ask you to look at all the blessings that you received and look back at the year with a smile and a big thank you. Look back at 2017 with gratitude as you approach the newness of 2018 with great expectations.

Overtime, I've tried to make a conscious effort to approach life with more gratitude. Often times we may let the occasional set backs cloud our days and harden our hearts. So much so that we forget the goodness of the day before and the hope-filled days to come. It can be challenging to constantly look towards the light and the stars. The darkness can be so damn inviting in its solace and rage. And let's not forget the pity party we throw that goes on way into the after party hours. In the middle of the darkness and stillness, before the rage starts to beckon, let nostalgia slip in and take you by the hand. Let it remind you of all the beautiful yesterdays you have had and will have again, as it gently leads you towards the light. Feel the warmth of the light calm you as words of gratitude fall from your lips.

As weird as it may sound, I am most likely to speak words of gratitude as I slip into the darkness of my most challenging moments. Remembrance of all the good things keeps me in a space of contentment.

It reminds me of these beautiful words from the song "Eternal Sunshine" by Jhene Aiko -

"Is it strange for me to say

That if I were to die today

there's not a thing that I will change

I've lived well

Maybe I have made mistakes and been through my fair share of pain

But all in all, It's been okay

I've lived well".

There is so much I'm grateful for. So many challenges that have inspired endurance and growth. So many unexpected blessings, compassion and grace from my Father in heaven.

  • I'm grateful for my daughters. For their companionship. For showing me what I'm made of - resilience, endurance, and magic

  • I'm grateful for the grace and mercy God continues to show me and my extended family year after year. Joyful days are always in abundance. Thank you.

  • I'm grateful for the time spent and lessons learned at 12 Stone. I look forward to more growth.

  • I'm grateful for all the mentors, great friendships, loving hands and words of wisdom. They have kept me inspired and encouraged.

  • I am grateful for the dreamer who helped me believe my dreams were worthy too

I wrote this for you so you remember to think back with gratitude as you manifest new goals. I ask you to remember all the good things. I ask you to write them down. I ask you to believe that all of the good things that happened before, may happen again. Now read your words of gratitude out loud and smile. Be grateful. Be grateful you've lived well.

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