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My Top Three Spots For Summer Time Fun!

I don’t know about you guys but the last six months have been a bit of a blur. How did we get to June so quickly? At the same time, I do recognize a lot of great achievements and new challenges that the last six months has brought my way. Maybe that’s why time seems so swift. Let's swing back to the present.

Today officially marks the first day of summer but if you live in the ATL like I do, you’ll agree it’s been summer time since May! I’m always inspired once the weather starts to get warmer and the kids are officially out of school. We get to change our routine up a little and live dangerously on a weekday. Like going to the movies on a Tuesday night and starting a road trip beach vacation on a Thursday. Yep, we’re out here making memories one adventure at a time. Now one of the cool things I’ve enjoyed about the summer is discovering new local spots for summer time fun! Lately, I’ve been focused more on what my city has to offer and adopting the tourist mentality.

When I say adopt a tourist mentality I mean get out there and discover new hunts in your city like you have limited time. As locals, we tend to procrastinate on enjoying all our city has to offer because, well, we feel we'll always have time on our hands. "Tomorrow, I'll go" we say. But tomorrow never comes does it? Adopting a tourist mentality limits the procrastination. If you pretend you’re a visitor and imagine you’re only in town for a short while, you’ll be more inspired to squeeze in as much local entertainment as possible and be mindful while doing it! I’m going to share my Summer Fun “hit list” with you below and I hope it inspires you to explore all the cool stuff your city has to offer.

What I love the most about this spot is the nostalgia. It reminds you of your care free days as a kid with old school games like mini golf and the skyline slide. I felt like a teenager again while playing golf with my girls with the DJ playing BBD in the background blasting Poison!

The vibe was perfect.

Since it’s located on a rooftop, the skyline view is incredible! You can get on the Heege tower and pull yourself up even higher for a breathtaking panoramic view. It’s also a great spot for a date. You can have a nice intimate moment at one of the seating areas with a meal or drinks while watching the sunset.

I recommend going at night time because the ambiance is so inviting. By the way it’s half price game play on Tuesdays for a limited time. So go ahead and live dangerously - have fun on a weekday.

I love the competitive edge I get when I’m trying to beat my friends in points scored even though I’m not the best ”top golfer”. I do OK. You can also plan your events at Top Golf too like a birthday get together. If you’re not all that into golf, they have a fuse ball table, pool table, an aesthetically appealing dining area and the music never disappoints. My fave item to order are the donut holes infused.

So. Yummy.

Food Truck Friday:

You can’t have a complete summertime fun “hit list“ without Food Truck Fridays and Flicks on the Bricks featured at the very top of the list. I show up for the one conveniently located in my backyard at Town Green in the city of Duluth. Funny enough, what I look forward to the most about Food Truck Friday is not necessarily the food (though they have a great diverse selection), but the community. It’s so grounding and relaxing for me to just take in everyone enjoying the outdoor event in their own special way, listening to live music, and window shopping at the local boutiques. It makes me happy. Simply happy.

Food Truck Friday in Duluth Town Green starts in May and ends in August each year.

I could squeeze in so more inspiration on even more of my fave spots for the summer but then this post will turn into a series. Maybe I’ll post a Part Two?

But seriously, there’s so much fun to be had in your own backyard. You just have to know where to look. I’ll give you a hint - browse Eventbrite. You’ll even find some free local events to attend - solo or with friends and family.

Live dangerously on a weekday for a change and lose yourself in something you love!

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