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November - Chasing Joy

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This is my experience on using the New York Times best seller, "One Year To An Organized Life" by Regina Leeds to enhance my quality of life and establish lifestyle routines. I admire her take on getting organized one week and one area at a time because I thrive on achieving little accomplishments in moments. I hope this inspires you to get the book, follow along, and establish your own lifestyle routines as well!"

- Cheli Njoku/The Cheli Experience LLC

Traditions, Holiday, Birthday, Family, Food. Those are the first keywords that pop into my mind when I think on the month of November and not necessarily in that specific order. However, there is one action word that is needed before any of those initial keywords can be approached. That word is preparation. The author shares her insight on ways for us to get our minds and our homes ready as we approach the month of November.

It goes without saying that the one thing almost everyone in the U.S. looks forward to and makes preparations for in the month of November, is Thanksgiving.

From my personal experience, a lot of the methods and traditions I practice

during Thanksgiving were all adopted. Cooking for family, hosting dinners, baking a turkey....they were all actions adopted by me observing the acts of others. To be honest, I never understood what over indulgence in eating had to with Thanksgiving. Though I was born in the U.S. I did spend the early years of my life living in Nigeria where the American Thanksgiving practices were not part of my upbringing. November is my birthday month and that is what I looked forward to the most.

So this year I questioned the traditions I have adopted over the years. I questioned myself on what was meaningful and where I was just "going with the flow". I questioned the practiced methods that were meant to bring joy. I questioned the patterns that stole my joy. I then challenged myself to create my own traditions and honor them with action.

Embrace Your Vision

If you have always questioned your traditional methods for celebrating Thanksgiving and have a new vision of how you would like to spend the holiday; I say honor it. We sometimes shy away from our personal vision because we feel guilty for moving away from the shared vision. Because it's easier to blend in than it is to stand out.

Creating new patterns/traditions can be refreshing and is also a sign of growth and awakening. The author's advice is to be loving and direct when you share your personal vision with others and make peace with your new plans.

Preparation and Planning

Some mindful tips to follow as you prepare for your Thanksgiving Holiday

  • Create A Budget - How much can you comfortably spend to manifest your Thanksgiving Holiday vision? Are you hosting? What's on the menu and total cost? Will you be purchasing decorations and accessories? Are you traveling? Will you be shopping during your travels? These are just a few questions to consider while creating your budget. Keep it honest and write it down.

  • Get Your Home Ready - If you're hosting, have a vision on how you'd like your home to welcome guests. This is not the time to blow your budget, although it is tempting. I will say think "joy" and "comfort" as you plan and let those two words guide you in creating an authentic experience for your guests in your home. If you'll be traveling for the holiday instead, keep in mind some safety precautions to address before you leave such as - Keeping the lights on outside your home, advise a trusted neighbor of your plans, let your neighborhood police know you'll be travelling. In my community the police will be glad to do timely check-ups on your home while you're away.


Once the vision has been accomplished take moments to look back on what the experience brought into your life and also what it took away. Write it down. Creating new traditions as well as observing adopted traditions both come with great gifts, memories and lessons.

I get to choose.

I choose to be authentic with how I show up for my personal visions. I choose to believe that the gift of joy is just as much mine to receive as it is to give.

Live Well.

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