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One Year to Siddhartha Through the Looking Glass

Just a little play on words there.  

Can you guess what I did?


Ok, let's start from the beginning.  I'm a self proclaimed logophile - a lover of words.  Especially when they are put together in an inviting and enticing way.  I love the packages they come in, I admire there presentation and most importantly their longevity.  It's fascinating how long a book - a written or spoken word - can last in your memory, or even in your collection.  My father owned a book that I came across as a child in our home.  I would read it over and over again - it was fascinating with carefully chosen words filled with wonder and fearless imagination.  The book was copyrighted in 1968, it has my father's initials in the Intro page, and it's still with me today.  

It’s called The Short Stories of Oscar Wilde.  

I'm pretty sure he purchased the book in the early 70's and it makes me happy to see it still intact after all these years.  

I remember reading the Nightingale and the Rose and The Happy Prince.  Knowing exactly how it would end after reading it many times over but still hoping for a different ending.  Gaining new insight and acceptance each time I read the same words.  Seeing them differently than before.

From the Short Stories of Oscar Wilde

This past Sunday I found myself in Barnes and Noble searching for a humorous book for my Dad.  As soon as I stepped in I could feel the excitement rising inside of me - so many books!  It's been a while since I've been physically surrounded by so many books.  I've been buying my books lately on Amazon.  

So many choices, so many genres, so many aesthetically appealing book covers!  

Let's not forget the classics - 

Great expectations, Wuthering Heights - I was happily distracted in my blissful surrounding.  Even more so when it started to rain and my daughters stated we would have to wait it out in the bookstore considering we were in an outdoor mall.  All I could say was thank you Jesus, more time to explore.  

Hey, its the little things.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble - Adult Coloring Books

Barnes and Noble - Adult Coloring Books

I did eventually settle on a book for my dad but I also made it out with three other books for myself; hence the word play in my post title.  Any idea what they could be?  still guessing?  I'll help you out.  The first book I picked out was One Year to an Organized Life.  I can be a procrastinator with mounting epic fails in consistent organization.  Consistency is the key word here.  I always start of with putting things where they should go and keeping a good record of important items but by mid year I'm in care free/whatever mode.  Let's hope this book gets me off to a good start and keeps me there.   The other two literary selections were Siddhartha, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass.  Now Siddhartha I picked out of curiosity.  Once I read the preview and saw it involved self awareness  and overcoming that discomfort you feel of a life not quiet fully lived, I decided to explore further.  

Plus it was on sale for 5 bucks.  

Alice, like the Short Stories of Oscar Wilde, always seem to project a different message each time I read it.  I believe it's been over 25 years since I last read Alice.  Watching the recent movies motivated me to seek her out again as I saw things differently now than I did then.  

My added motivation - this too was also 5 bucks.  

Most of the classics are either 5 dollars each or 20% of at Barnes.  

So go seek, explore, and wander!

I'll live you with an inspiring message I came across while flipping through The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson.  I may love a good sale but I can get quite deep on the regular.

So what are your all time favorite books or who are your favorite authors?  Do you prefer a physical book like I do or are you more a fan of the kindle version or audible.  Please share.  I may find a new favorite thanks to you.

My Favorite Authors - Oscar Wilde, Cyprian Ekwensi, Jhumpa Lahiri, Isabele Alende, Paulo Cohelo, Agatha Christie, Truman Capote, Alice Walker (to name a few...)

Listening to: Away Away - Ibeyi

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