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My Favorite Things - On Travel

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Travel is a vibe. It's good energy. It's discovery. It's curiosity. It's wellness.

It's my most favorite thing to do.

The word travel and escape are usually used in the same sentence but I won't necessarily say I travel to escape. For me travel is not a distraction, but a necessity for my well being.

I travel out of curiosity - to explore a new place and hopefully learn from it.

I travel for wellness - I intentionally pick a calm, peaceful location with easy access to nature at it's most organic splendor. The goal is to be still. To be nurtured.

An Ayurvedic spa on site will be welcomed too.

I time travel - I can travel anywhere easily with just the use of my imagination and a favorite book. Thanks to the author's ability to awaken my imagination with intricate details, I can go on a journey without ever taking an actual step.

I can also time travel with my memory by reminiscing on souvenirs I've brought home with me from past travels - pictures from my camera, art, sea shells, books, clothing.. etc. I find there are so many items around me that tell a story and can take me back to a place and time that I may not be able to touch, but can definitely feel.

That's the beauty of travel. I can travel by taking several steps through my city, fly across the ocean, or take no steps at all and still end up somewhere new.

Somewhere enchanting.

Somewhere inspiring.


With my travel experiences, I've noticed there are things I consistently take along with me.

I guess you can call them non-negotiables. Some are old and trusted, others are "new to me" as I've discovered them recently. I'll share some of them here. Maybe you'll find something worthy to add to your travel experience.

  • Travel size candles: I started traveling with candles about a couple of years ago. They are allowed as a carry on and in checked baggage. Just the candle, no lighters. I keep candles lit in my home through out the day for the aromatherapy and the soothing ambience. For me, a lit candle just speaks calm. So, being able to light a candle in my hotel room brings a feeling of "home" to my temporary space. Of course it goes without saying - operate with care and check in with the hotel or Airbnb that lighting a candle is acceptable on their property.

  • Multi-surface disinfectant: Let’s face it, no matter how high end my hotel room or Airbnb is, it is still basically a public rest room. People come and go, cooties stay. So for peace of mind I spray the bed and surfaces and let it “do what it do” before engaging. They also sell a personal sized sanitizing mist at the airport which is very convenient as a carry on if you’re flying.

  • Evian face spray: Another convenient purchase at the airport. Thanks to the recycled air and confined space of an airplane, dehydration is unavoidable. So along with my water bottle I purchase before boarding, I also bring along an evian face spray to hydrate my skin during travel. When I first purchased it I thought it was just an aesthetic prop to make me “feel” I was doing something good. But it actually does work for my skin. A couple of pumps during flight and I feel the difference. I use it when I’m spending long hours on the plane to keep my skin hydrated. Best invention ever.

  • Water: Speaking of hydration, water is high up on my travel non-negotiables. Road trips or flights, I always make sure I stay hydrated. I have a hand sized water bottle I take with me for easy refills on the go. Especially if I’m headed to the beach.

  • The traveling hat: Speaking of the beach, I take a hat or two with me if I’m traveling to a sunny location or if I know I’ll be at the beach. I didn’t use to take measures to preserve my skin from sun damage when I was younger. But as I got older I became more intentional about protecting my skin.

  • A good read: I love a good page turner to accompany me on long trips. Especially if I’m traveling solo. If its a road trip, audio books and podcasts are my best companions. My favorite podcast station to date is Hidden Brain - love it. Also, I can’t forget my iTunes playlist. I’ve got a playlist for every mood.

  • Linen spray: Just like the candles, spraying the hotel or Airbnb linens with my favorite scent brings calm and familiarity to my temporary space. My current favorites are the Meadow and Salt scents by the Magnolia brand.

  • Tea: I always travel with my favorite tea leaves and tea bags. I purchased a travel size tea set earlier in the year to enhance the experience and I love it! The petite size and Zen look of the tea set makes it so enjoyable and easy to pack on my travels. Also, just the intentional action steps I take to brew my tea is so meditative to me.

Silk Pillowcase:

For the care of my skin and hair. Once again, this is another at home practice that I don't want to abandon while I'm on vacation. I purchased one silk pillowcase for travel and I simply slip it on an existing pillow at my room during my stay. The trick is to remember to take it with you when you leave.

So far, so good.

I’ve got a few more faves I could add to this post but this is a good start to share.

What do you think?

I would say each item on my list shares a unified purpose - comfort and ease.

It is my wish that you find items on this post to add ease to your travel or feel inspired to incorporate new items of your own.

Live well.

** All pictures taken by me (Cheli Njoku). Please do not share without permission**

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