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The Crazy Hazy Days Of Summer - Food Truck Fridays in Duluth, GA

The summer of 2018 has been an eventful one for me so far. There have been milestones to celebrate, events to attend, organized and disorganized chaos. There have even been moments of decision making paralysis. But through it all I have been aware. Aware and grateful.

For all of it.

It's always the simple things that bring us back to that blissful state of gratitude and joy. Usually, during the summer, the beach is my happy place. But with awareness, I've found similar joy in other summer inspired activities like the infamous Food Truck Fridays at Town Green in downtown Duluth, GA. Downtown Duluth is an aesthetically appealing and vibrant community. The buildings are a mix of minimal, modern, and traditional. The boutiques are unique and inviting and you can't help but window shop while taking a leisure walk. From home decor to fashion, arts and crafts and everything between, you will find it all in Downtown Duluth. My two favorite shopping experiences are at Peace, Love, and Decorating and Personify.

The food and culinary arts draws you in as well.

From your artisan chocolates and sweet treats at Chocolaterie and Simply Done Donuts, to the culinary artistry of Noona and Four Forks and Mad Caps, the choices are tasteful and endless. But the one event that truly brings all these different aspects of the community together seamlessly for me will have to be Food Truck Fridays.

Every Friday evening, from the months of May to September, Food Truck Friday brings Town Green to life with food, entertainment, and community. There is more to Food Truck Friday than the diverse cuisine each mobile vendor offers. There's live music, movie nights, games, the water fountain, exploring the local small business, and my all time favorite thing to do - people watching! Each time I come out is also an excuse for me to explore the local business, window shop, and interact with the owners who are always so gracious and welcoming.

By the way, there's one last tip to enjoying Food Truck Friday - share the experience with someone. Works for me every time.

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