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January Week 4: Whip your kitchen into shape

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

"This is my experience on using the New York Times best seller, "One Year To An Organized Life" by Regina Leeds to enhance my quality of life and establish lifestyle routines. I admire her take on getting organized one week and one area at a time because I thrive on achieving little accomplishments in moments. I hope this inspires you to get the book, follow along, and establish your own lifestyle routines as well!" - Cheli Njoku/The Cheli Experience LLC

Hi everyone! How’s Week 3 and 4 Kitchen organization coming along?

Any takeaways or new ideas to share?

The most work I put into organizing the kitchen came from decluttering the pantry.

I had so many recipe clippings to manage in a folder or eliminate all together.

I was also able to be more intentional with the pantry and make it easy to find what I need. Everything in its place and all expired items trashed.

Most importantly confirm your maintenance routine for the kitchen -

• I always make sure the counter top is clear of everything but the items that need to be there - Toaster, Potatoes, Plantains, IKEA vase with cooking utensils, 3 cookbooks, and a artsy saucer for my keys (...cause the Garage door is adjacent to the kitchen..)

• I keep a shopping list going throughout the week. There’s a pen and a white writing pad for the family to jot down items needed from the store. If the items don’t hit the list by Sunday...snooze you loose. I shop once a week.

• Make use of those high kitchen cabinets and invest in a stepping stool. They’re pretty affordable at Walmart.

OK, that about wraps it up for me. What new maintenance routines did you come up with from the exercise?

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