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January Week 3: Kitchen Questions

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

"This is my experience on using the New York Times best seller, "One Year To An Organized Life" by Regina Leeds to enhance my quality of life and establish lifestyle routines. I admire her take on getting organized one week and one area at a time because I thrive on achieving little accomplishments in moments. I hope this inspires you to get the book, follow along, and establish your own lifestyle routines as well!" - Cheli Njoku/The Cheli Experience LLC

The kitchen. The heart of the home. I can see why it would be the first physical space that the book, One Year To An Organized Life, would focus on. This is where everyone seems to want to gather first - guests, family, friends- they always seem to choose the kitchen as the meeting point.

In this chapter, your challenge is to analyze your kitchen space and make decisions on -

Process of elimination

What stays

What goes

If the product has a 2018 expiration date, that’s a no brainer- trash zone. If you don’t use it, donate or trash it.

Set up kitchen zones

For example, I have an area where the toaster, the blender, and coffee decanter resides.

That makes it clear it’s the breakfast prep zone.

Organize your pantry items/ Create a shopping list

I would love to see creativity with this. I’m thinking of using a cork board or small blackboard to keep a shopping list going.

Another exercise was to create a list of your likes and dislikes about the kitchen as well as meaningful questions in order to come to a realization of your style and decor preferences.

For me a couple of likes were my cream cupboards and large island. A dislike was the stove.

I’ve seen some models that I actually prefer and look forward to upgrading. But that’s simply aesthetics so I don’t feel rushed.

Some meaningful questions are how do you use your space?

Do you turn your counter-tops into a catch all of all things from homework to car keys or have you acknowledged the space used for food prep and breakfast nook?

If you haven’t purchased the book (One Year To An Organized Life) it’s time folks. At this point we have action items to implement and referencing the book during the practice will be necessary. The chapters are short and easy to read. I can read a chapter in 15 mins and then start the exercise.

With that said Week 3 and 4 will be about organizing the kitchen in steps, shopping for items to facilitate the organization (grid totes, Canisters, etc..)and addressing the areas we tend to turn a blind eye to over time - The Fridge and Under the Sink.

So, how do you currently keep organized in the Kitchen?

Is this a chapter you could skip or could you use some helpful tips in this area?

One of my hacks is a “place for everything” and “one of these things doesn’t belong”.

I have a place for my car and house keys, takeout and delivery menus, ...etc. If I find anything lurking in the kitchen that doesn’t belong - a book, a jacket, junk mail, - I move it before clutter builds up.

What hacks are currently working for you in keeping your kitchen space organized?

Please share in the comments!

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