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April - Bathrooms! Reinvent To Reinvigorate

"This is my experience on using the New York Times best seller, "One Year To An Organized Life" by Regina Leeds to enhance my quality of life and establish lifestyle routines. I admire her take on getting organized one week and one area at a time because I thrive on achieving little accomplishments in moments. I hope this inspires you to get the book, follow along, and establish your own lifestyle routines as well!" - Cheli Njoku/The Cheli Experience LLC

Even though we’re in the month of April, the work, love, and energy I’ve put into all the various spaces and my finances with the help of One Year To An Organized Life is not a “done and done”.

It’s a continuum.

I continuously revisit the spaces I’ve previously organized for maintenance and even a little reinventing. Never wanting to let things fall back into the less than organized chaos it once was.

This all resonates with the one word that stood out to me from the author as I followed her advise and steps for April - R E S P E C T!

Respect the work and love you’ve invested in your space from January to date by not letting it slip back to the way it was. Honor your dedication to curating a zen space for always.

Case in point: when I assumed I was finished with organizing the bathroom drawers, I actually still had a ways to go. I realized I was still holding on to some obviously expired beauty products like nail polish (dried out over time), as well as makeup I never use and body sprays that I re-gifted to my daughter.

I put my word of the year into play -

I N T E N T I ON - and got back to work.

“As I let go of the unnecessary, I open up space for creativity that is not only intentional but aesthetically appealing.”

One simple but aesthetic appeal I finally added to my bathroom was to line the drawers with self adhesive decorative paper. This has been on my to do list for years! Thanks to the book as my accountability partner, projects are finally starting...and ending.

Speaking of timeliness, I was also inspired to facilitate my morning routines by making sure everything I needed in my bathroom space to start and end my day was within eyesight and reach on my bathroom counter. Every thing else goes in the drawers in their assigned spot. The lite feeling you get when everything has its place - priceless!

Future Bathroom Projects

  • The Walls: I will invest in printing and framing artsy self portraits I made of myself. I’ve held on to these pics for years. It’s time to let them shine.

  • Linen Closet: I intend to replace the builder grade plastic shelves with a more customized creation. The Container Store will be my first stop for a consultation.

Final Tip

Don't forget to address under the bathroom sink. It needs love too and can end up being a “catch all” space.

With every decision and action let there be INTENTION and RESPECT.


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