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Sunshine In A Bowl

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

I love a good salad - Mediterranean style.

This means meat is optional, lots of green, some sweetness and some spice.

As much as I love a healthy, green, salad, I'm not always apt to make the choice of eating one daily. I tend to reach for carbs and sugary snacks that leave me lethargic and bloated. I'd always say, tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll start eating clean.

Tomorrow I'll pack my healthy lunch

Tomorrow I'll plan my meals for the week

Tomorrow I'll make better choices

Forming new habits can be challenging. But if it's good for you, you should be more willing to give it a shot. Habits are built from consistency. Not to be confused with perfection. Keep going until you get it right; and then keep going some more.

My green creation: Organic spring mix greens, Wild wonders gourmet tomatoes, Feta crumble cheese with Mediterranean herbs, Olive oil vinaigrette, and dried cranberries. All items sourced from Sprouts Market.

I was inspired to get back on my love for "green eating" when I had the most amazing Mediterranean salad at a cute boutique restaurant called Sabbia, in Fernandina beach, FL. Sabbia is the Italian word for sand.

Here I was staring at the menu, contemplating between three different types of Gyro (...and the "best" way to pronounce gyro..) and salad options.

Gyro, salad, gyro, salad, an out of tune song in my head on repeat. Fine. I went with the signature salad - Sabbia. Not expecting much, just slightly pleased with myself for making the carb free choice. It turns out it was not just the smart choice, it was the tasty choice. Surprise, surprise.

It came with mixed greens, dried apricots, dried figs, cranberries, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette on the side

So tasty that my daughter could not keep her fork away from my plate (she ordered a carb...poor thing...) and she ordered one to go the next day as we left the island to drive back home to GA.

The signature Sabbia salad

I've been inspired to start making meals from clean eating cook books I bought in the beginning of the year, and sharing my creations on the FEAST portion of my blog. This will be interesting. How do I catalog the steps and take the pictures while I'm prepping and cooking?

It might be messy but I'm sure something beautiful will come out of it. Beautiful and tasty.

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