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Amelia Island - Anywhere you go let me go too...

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

(Disclaimer: No filter was used on this picture. I'm proud of the way it came out with my iPhone camera - taken after a storm)

Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, FL

It's only fair that my first post here should be about travel. My favorite style - solo travel. It allows me to explore at my own pace. I'm able to walk endlessly and take in my surroundings, pop in and out of local shops, and just be in the moment. Although I don't mind travelling in small groups, solo travel is a luxury. Your time is yours and you can spend it as you wish. My solo travels are devoid of itinerary. When I'm in a group there is the need to create one or stick to one. It may sound reckless but when I travel alone I usually wing it and always end up having a memorable trip in the end.

I did have a moment of pause when I thought travelling alone on purpose was selfish because I do love sharing moments with others. But then again travelling is what I love to do. So if I make the time to do it for myself, that's not selfish - that's self-care. Doing more of the things that make you happy is Self Care. If you want to grab a friend or two to share the love even better.

But I don't feel doing the things you love for yourself makes it any less significant. You don't need a partner necessarily when you act on other self care matters like getting a facial or a massage or even your yearly physical. So why not add solo travel as a self care item? I do. One question I'm always asked is don't you feel lonely? Not at all. I'm surrounded by so much stimuli when I'm out exploring that I never feel truly alone. I've always enjoyed my own company so if anyone knows how to entertain me - it's me.

One thing I've noticed is that I unknowingly create a soundtrack to my trips - solo or not. I find myself listening to random tracks on my iTunes and for some reason one or two or three of those random songs become a reminder of my trip and what I was doing at that moment. I never plan it - it just happens. So my most recent trip was to Amelia Island in FL.

Beautiful white sands, clear blue water, awesome coastal living vibes, shopping, restaurants - I even did a wave runner tour of the neighboring Georgia Islands which was initially scary (first time driving a jet ski) and then exhilarating. Think of Amelia Island as a more mature South Beach.

Our hotel was right on the beach and the beach seemed to stretch on for what looked like forever. So I took a walk on the beach with my tunes. Clear blue water on my left, coastal living on my right, music in my ear. For no planned reason I was listening to All I Ask Of You - Phantom of the Opera. Now I listened to other songs while I was in Amelia Island but that's the one tune that stuck. There are moments in the song when the couple would say "Anywhere you go let me go too". In that moment those words meant something different. It felt more like a request from me to the world - wanderlust - I do want to go everywhere and see every beautiful design of the Creator; like where I was at that very moment.

Now whenever I listen to it, it takes me back to that moment on the beach, looking at the clear sky and how it merged with the blue waters, sand beneath my feet, children playing and laughing. Next thing you know I'm feeling nostalgic and planning my next trip back to Amelia. Maybe another song will make it into the nostalgia sound track my next time around Amelia.

Photo Credit: thecheliexperience

Twisted Sisters. Historic Downtown, Amelia Island, FL

The Book Loft. Historic Downtown, Amelia Island, FL

PEARL - Women's Luxury Resort Boutique. Historic Downtown, Amelia Island, FL

Fernandina's Fantastic Fudge. Historic Downtown, Amelia Island, FL

Fernandina's Fantastic Fudge. Historic Downtown, Amelia Island, FL

Fernandina's Fantastic Fudge. Historic Downtown, Amelia Island, FL

Historic Downtown, Amelia Island, FL

Salty Pelican Bar and Grill. Historic Downtown, Amelia Island, FL

Historic Downtown, Amelia Island, FL

Fernandina Beach. Amelia Island, FL

Fernandina Beach. Amelia Island, FL

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