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All The Places We Will Go: Amicalola Falls - Explore Your City

I'm back at it with another chapter on exploring my surroundings, right here in the beautiful state of GA.

GA is truly an exciting place to live and explore. You can be in the city one weekend, enjoying brunch, people watching, dressed to impress, shopping and dining at any of the upscale locations in Buckhead or Alpharetta. While the next weekend, you could be heading upward to North GA in workout gear, ready to enjoy the beautiful landscape and mountains while hiking with your best friends or family.

Well, this weekend we chose the latter. The weather had taken an unexpected turn for the best. Sunny and mid 70's was the forecast for this past Saturday. I could not see myself stuck indoors on such a glorious weekend. I had to take advantage of it. You see in GA, the weather can be, well...unpredictable. Like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.

So take advantage I did. You see, I've been literally stuck in-doors working or in my car commuting from point a to b all week. The only type of Vitamin D I've been exposed to were in the form of supplements prescribed by my doctor. We've had a pretty long winter. Not too cold, but cold enough to keep me hibernating.

I needed this weather. An opportunity to wear a tshirt, sunglasses, and the sun on my face. Hello Vitamin D and cool breeze. I'm back like I never left. So on a whim, I decided to visit Amicolola falls state park with my daughters to get my dose of sun, nature and an awesome close up view of the waterfalls.

Amicolola Falls is located in North GA and holds the highest waterfall in GA at 729 foot tall. The word Amicalola, is from a Cherokee language - it means "tumbling waters". What I was looking forward to as I made the hour long drive to the park, was hiking up to the top of the waterfall. However, there is actually a lot more to do at the park. There are various hiking trails (some are guided), restaurants, cabins, campgrounds...tons of ways for you to plan an adventurous day trip. For now, I was super focused on making it to the top of the falls with my daughters.

So, did we make it to the top. Nope, but we got pretty close. Personally, I could have kept on going but someone didn't want to get there hair wet (SMH).

Ok, let me be a bit more honest - I was happy to quit. That hike up the steps was grueling. I wasn't ready. My legs weren't ready. Heck, my lungs weren't ready. But I did enjoy meeting the other hikers along the way. Some came with their young toddlers, partners, friends, dogs, and even grandparents. They were very encouraging, especially when they saw me taking breaks and panting like I had just ran a full marathon. It was well worth it to get a closer view of the falls in the end. It's a steep incline people. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I hope you get a chance to make a Saturday day trip or a weekend stay at Amicolola falls. It really is worth it. I will say the best time to get there is as early as possible - like 8am. 9am at the latest. You're gonna be doing a lot of walking so try to beat the sun there. Keep some cash on hand; it's $5 parking to get in and they don't take check cards at parking. Next time we go, we'l l stay for lunch. I'll be sure to pack a cooler with all we need to have a healthy, and relaxing lunch. Especially after burning all those calories to make it to the top of the falls. Yes, I will make it to the top my second go round. Asthmatic lungs and rubber legs be damned!

No blooms yet, but wait for it. Spring is around the corner!

Have you hiked any other nature trails in GA or outside GA? Which ones were your favorite and which ones will you recommend?

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