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All The Places We Will Go - Savannah: Exploring Your City

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Savannah - the great necropolis.

Do you know how it earned that haunting distinction? Well, Savannah is literally built on burial grounds. Boutiques, Restaurants, Sidewalks, Homes - all built over the dead. The first time I heard of this was during a Ghost Tour in Savannah while I was visiting this summer.

I thought, "Necropolis?? who that?"

I asked the guide to please explain further. Necropolis comes from the ancient Greek word meaning "city of the dead". Savannah it seems, over the years, was notorious for building without keeping track of their graves. So there you have it. Tread lightly people when you walk down the sidewalks, or anywhere for that matter, in Savannah. You may also want to whisper apologies too while walking because you're literally walking on the dead. Literally. I for one was glad that my room was on the top floor of the Westin so I was not close to the ground (yes, I was extremely creeped out and paranoid) After the tour that night I tip toed back to my room, and in bed, I kept repeating Psalm 23 until I finally passed out.

But let's deflect a bit and talk about The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa across from Historic River Street. Its the only place I choose to stay when I visit Savannah. It's a very easy drive from Atlanta (I can make it in 4 hours)

and a beautiful location. It comes with a huge Golf Course, Restaurants, Spas, Pool, a dedicated Concierge to help you plan your stay, and a complimentary shuttle from the hotel to Telfair square. That's what I really love about the Westin Savannah Harbor - its accessibility. You can take a complimentary water taxi from the Westin to River Street - round trip. I believe it runs every 15 mins until midnight. The concierge will provide you with the taxi schedule. The Westin also provides transportation to the Beach in Dafuskie Island. A scenic 30 min boat ride from the Westin. But the convenient water taxi ride to Historic River Street was the biggest appeal for me to keep coming back. I love exploring River Street and shopping at unique boutiques like the Mad Hatter (just the name alone pulled me in and I bought a hat that I haven’t worn yet. It's art).

River Street is alive!

People watching and discovering vendors and artists is unavoidable. There is this very steep, very, very, old staircase that leads up to another level of River Street that a fortune teller I keep missing resides on. If anyone knows the best time to catch her, please, tell me. Each time I make it up there she's closed or on break. Maybe it's for the best.

Make sure you check out Savannah City Market when you visit. It's aesthetically appealing, the shopping is unique, and if you're outgoing, show up after dark and socialize with the crowd at the local restaurants and bars. I always feel like I'm in another world when visiting Savannah. It must be the historic charm. How the old blends easily with the new. There's a lot of history. A lot of old. And the old is beautiful...and sometimes creepy (#necropolis).

I highly recommend a walking tour or trolley tour to learn all about how the City was founded and created and to see the buildings from the 1800's still standing with stories to tell. You can also try the hop on hop off bus tours and if you're brave, the ghost tours are plenty. Some are pretty humorous too. The very first time I became curious about Savannah was when I watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil as a teenager. The cinematography was so awe inspiring. I thought everyone who lived in Savannah was so lucky to live there and I knew one day I would have to visit.

So far I've stayed in the same circle - Westin, Historic River Street, Historic Downtown, City Market. I am yet to visit Tybee Island and explore. I hope to do that on my next visit. Until then, Historic downtown will always have my attention as a repeat hunting ground.

Hey, if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

A view of the Westin from River Street

On the grounds of the Westin Savannah Harbor

Water Taxi on the Savannah River

River Street

The Georgia Queen Savannah River Boat. Schedule a cruise with family or a Moonlight cruise with your partner.

Exploring River Street

You have to walk up the Historic steps to get to the Psychic on River Street. Notice the unusual "dips" in the sidewalk? That's were a grave has supposedly caved in.

River Street Historic Steps. Extremely Steep.

Savannah Ghost Tour

Bonaventure Cemetery - part of the Ghost Tour. You can't go in though.

A view from our Westin Hotel room

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