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All The Places We Will Go - ATL: Exploring Your City

The season is rapidly approaching Fall (I mean we're only three months away from Winter/Christmas - can you believe it?!). The temperature is getting cooler, beach vacations are a nostalgic throw back but still doable, and daydreaming/planning outdoor events are still trending. We've had our outdoor Summer Concerts, Jazz in the Park, Yoga in the Park, Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Road Trips, Hiking, Caribbean and Disney Cruising, and of course the mother of all fun in the sun - Beach Vacations! Not any beach will do - If i'm going local then it will have to be the white sands and clear blue water of Jacksonville FL or Amelia Island. Speaking of local, have you noticed that visitors to your city always have a lot more to do than you do? Which is kind of weird right - I mean cause you live here, right? So, how well have you explored your city?

I live in Atlanta. Specifically the City of Duluth. I've lived here way over a decade now. I love it here. I would complain about the heat but it's irrelevant as I've gotten used to it now. I love it's close proximity to scenic "get aways" that are just a short road trip away - like Savannah, Asheville, Hilton Head, Charleston, Amelia Island, name a few - and I've driven to all of them! But the longer I've lived in Atlanta, the more I've realized that there is more to do in the city than I've actually been, well, doing. I've become accustomed to viewing my day to day in the city as limited to work, school activities, errands, church - the basics. If I want to refresh or renew, I leave the city of Atlanta and seek my adventure elsewhere - within or outside the United States. Lately, my mind set has changed and I've become more curious about my city and all it has to offer. My Wanderlust is still alive and well, I just don't feel like exploration is limited to more miles on my reward program and stamps on my passport. It can be just as satisfying exploring the great next door. This past Labor day holiday, me and my daughters became tourists in our own city of Atlanta by hoping on a Sightseeing Bus Tour. It was very educational for us - I learned a lot of facts. Atlanta has a rich history, especially with the civil rights movement. Thanks in part to all the hard work and sacrifice of Martin Luther King jr and his family. The tour guide was very colorful and very well informed. I tried to stay in the moment and not worry to much about jotting things down and obsessing with picture taking. Here are a few of the the unique facts I retained during the tour -

  • Martin Luther King Jr. attended the World Premiere of Gone With the Wind in Atlanta at the age of 10. He performed with the Ebeneezer Baptist Church choir.

  • You can have your name/family name immortalized in a brick at Centennial Olympic Park - However the Adopt A Brick program has ended.

  • Two GA Tech University alumni started the Waffle House Restaurant chain in Atlanta

  • John Heisman was a former football coach at GA Tech University from 1904 - 1919

Did you all know these facts already? Well, I was fascinated to learn about them for the first time. You never know what you don't know, 'till you know.

I look forward to trying out a different tour next time. Maybe a boat tour in Savannah. Maybe a historic walking tour of VA Highlands in Atlanta. Atlanta definitely has a rich history being the heart of the civil rights movement, Inspiring entrepreneurial spirit, and the platform for a lot of amazing musical artists. There's a lot to learn and share here. Do you feel inspired to invest some time in learning more about the city you live in? You should. That way, the next time you have friends visiting, you'll be the one dropping facts and recommending sites like a pro.

My Favorite Spots to visit in Atlanta;

  • The PonceCity Market

  • The Krog Market

  • Atlantic Station

  • The Fox Theatre

  • Centenial Olympic Park

  • Stone Mountain Park

What are your favorite spots to visit in the ATL and in your City? Please share!

This home is in Buckhead, Atlanta and was used as the Swan House in the Hunger Games

My daughter with Mrs Coretta Scott King's motivational words - The King Center

Walking The Beltline. A former railway corridor around the core of Atlanta. A great way to get exercise, people watch, and explore.

Curious Graffiti on The Beltline

A Piano to sit and play while walking The Beltline - who knew!

A Tiny Door for the Fairys to walk The BeltLine too

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