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What is Happiness?

Someone I admire asked me to take this on.  Happiness.  How would I define Happiness.  Is it something we will forever pursue, or is it always with us?  Can it be tangible, measured, captured, given away, or even misplaced?  I've heard so many ways to define happiness and even describe the laws of happiness.  But one definition that follows me everywhere, is that no one is responsible for my happiness, but me.  Yeah, I get that.  I get that.  But at the same time, some of us have been trained to seek or define happiness through different forms

  • Career

  • Awards/Accomplishments

  • Material Things

  • Partners

  • Children/Family

So, if any of these above are the quantum source of your happiness, does it mean if it's taken away or diminished your happiness becomes obsolete?  This makes "Happiness" a very personal thing - it's not identified the same for everyone.  Here is my take on Happiness - Happiness is a place that already exists inside of you.  It's not something you seek or pursue; it is manifested.  I believe I create my own happiness.  I tap into it from within. I cannot always derive it from sources outside of myself.  Someone once told me I was not easily excited.  I guess that makes sense.  When I tap into my source of happiness - 

I'm Nesting, Writing, Reading, Sleeping In, Travelling, In Spiritual Meditation with God, Solitude, Volunteering, People Watching, Window Shopping, and taking on Philosophical questions like  - What is Happiness? Ha! Ha!  Notice I did not mention Exercising.  Miss me with that.  I don't look forward to starting a routine, I'm dead face during the routine, and I can't wait for the shit to be over with.  Yeah, I don't tap into exercise to fuel happiness.  It's mostly as a means to keep my weight healthy and lower my risk of diabetes.  True story.  Now I know some of you beautiful readers out there have found Yoga to be a source of bliss.  Awesome.  Clap for yourselves.  I admire the art.  I'll stick to sleeping in.

What I noticed personally was the difference in when I manifested my happiness as to when I relied on a source outside of myself to deliver it.  Both were based on my expectations.  However the difference was when I placed my expectations on an outside source to deliver bliss into my life, it was easy to set myself up for disappointment and feel unfulfilled.  But when I manifested, when I created my own source of bliss, well, it was exactly how I wanted it to feel.  Let's take Travel for example, true, I need outside sources to manifest that -like a location, finances, transportation, lodging..etc.  But not necessarily.  I can take a trip withing my imagination and be just as satisfied.  I can close my eyes, imaging myself on the beach, sitting on the sand, close enough to feel the ocean waves kiss my feet.  I can loose myself in one of my favorite Travel magazines and picture myself within the authors fascinating adventures.  Through it all still pleased with myself, still smiling.

My Happiness is a state of contentment.  I can't quantify it.  Happiness is different and personal for everyone so it cannot be easily defined in a general scope.  If I could, I would say it boils down to contentment.  The place you tap into that brings you peace, laughter and smiles.  I cannot steal or borrow someone else's source of happiness and expect it to work for me.  Neither should I give someone other than myself the power and responsibility to determine what makes me happy.  Happiness is personal.  Manifest your own happy place.  It already lives inside of you.

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