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"Life is not a party you get invited to you should already be there"

- Cheli Njoku

About Me

The Cheli Experience:

Passionate about Wisdom, Peculiar People, Aesthetics, and Wanderlust!  (and not necessarily in that order)

Hi! I'm Cheli. 

I'm the author and creator of live well explore often.  Thanks for visiting my website. So what can i tell you about myself? I'm Nigerian-American, a single parent to two young adults, and an Executive in the Construction Data industry.  Interesting fact: I graduated college at 19.  Not because I was a prodigy (though i am obnoxiously intelligent) but because I excelled at moving fast through life.  Always trying to get to the next stage; the new stage.  Why? It was my impulsive reaction to overcoming trauma.  But I didn't know that at the time.


I do now.

And with that awareness came the realization that being present and mindful was the real antidote - not fast forward. I created this blog and my mantra to share my wisdom, experience, mistakes, triumphs, and my passions as I navigate life with a little more intention, self mastery, and a whole lot of grace.  I hope you'll join me.

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